Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

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Do I absolutely have to register with you to rent equipment from you?

Registration is a compulsory process. No booking can be made without registration. Furthermore, registered customers will be given priority over unregistered customers in case of conflicting bookings.

Once I am registered with you, do I have to register again the next time I want to rent from you?

Registration is a one time process provided you have been renting from us regularly. In case more than 6 months have passed since your last rental, you may be asked to resubmit your documents.

What are my responsibilities once I have registered?

We expect you to update us with any change in your address, contact number, e-mail id and other information submitted at registration. Failure to do so may be treated as an attempt to defraud.

Will I have to pay for registration?

Registration is completely free of cost. We also do not force you to rent equipment worth any amount from us after you have registered.

Can my registration be rejected?

Your registration may be rejected if your documents do not fulfill certain criteria. It may also be rejected if we have reason to believe that there is an attempt at impersonation, identity theft, a blacklisted customer registering under another name, etc.



Generally our customers treat our equipment with the maximum care and take all possible precautions against theft and damage. However, in the unfortunate event of either of these occurring, we follow the following process:

1. You are expected to inform us immediately about the theft or damage of any item and follow the instructions that we give you to take the necessary action required from your end. Informing us on or after the day of return will be considered as an attempt at concealment.

2. In case of theft, apart from the required statutory proceedings from your end, you are liable to pay us the replacement cost of the item immediately.

3. In the case of minor damages like small scratches on the body and glass, dust on the optical elements, etc., we will assess the damage and you may be charged a penalty accordingly.

4. In the case of major damages such as noticeable scratches, cracks or stains on the glass, dents to the body, impaired functionality, etc. we will refer the repair to the brand’s authorised service center and you shall be liable to pay for the repair, courier charges and 50% of the rental for the number of days the item is under repair.

5. Any attempt to have equipment repaired without our explicit authorisation shall be treated as a case of wilful tampering and you will be immediately liable for the replacement cost of the equipment, regardless of the status of the unauthorised repair.

6. In cases of major damage, in order for you to qualify for any benefit of salvage, depreciation, etc., voluntary and immediate disclosure of damage or theft by phone or email is a pre-condition (even if your return date is still some time away). Any delay in informing us of such incidents will render you ineligible for any consideration.

In case you need further clarification on any of these points, please feel free to call us at +91 9962688688 or email us  rentandclicks@gmail.com