Welcome to WWW.RENTANDCLICKS.COM, your happy destination to rent and click. We trust you, as much as you trust our products and service. But since our business nature involves certain risks, we take additional measures to keep this platform safe and friendly for our customers. Hence, a simple verification process is in place. In the questionnaire you fill, basic proofs like Aadhar card and driver's license will be required, and within a 24 to 48 -hour-window we will verify all the details and update the status. As a verified customer, you will have full access to rent our products.  

We rent ONLY to: 
  • Photographers 
  • Videographers 
  • Documentary Filmmakers 
  • Final Year Vis.Com students 
  • Media Production Houses 
  • Photography Studios 
We DON'T rent to: 
    • Amateurs 
    • People who want to experiment or learn 
  • (solely for the reason of the equipment's safety)
For first time RENTING: 
1. A strong reference from existing client always helps for guarantee purpose 
2. People coming through google/facebook/instagram/social media will be verified to ensure their professional credibility, and local address proof to be submitted. 
Verification form:
Send your:
Aadhar Card, Driving license, Active website/portfolio where we can view your work to +91 99626 88688
It is best to book your equipment 2-3 days before your event date. This buffer time ensures the confirmed availability of the kit. Also, we ship equipment only to regular customers. Otherwise, we encourage customers to directly pick the equipment usually. 
You have to submit your original proof documents for security purpose. If the item is expensive or the number of equipment is high, we will send an assistant at a charge of 1500 Rs/call sheet. Then on special cases we might require a PDC (post dated cheque) of the actual equipment cost. Kindly note that we rent out only to the residents of Chennai. For people coming from outside Chennai, a guaranteeing person from Chennai is necessary. The serial number will be noted, the picture of the rented equipment and the person will be taken for reference purpose. Make sure you check your equipment thoroughly before taking it from the store. Also, if at the point of renting if we find you to be struggling to handle the equipment, we might reject the renting.    
The safety of the equipment is your responsibility. The idea of renting out is to enable you to use all kinds of equipment at an affordable cost. Kindly treat it as your own, and handle it with care. If at all there is any damage due to unforeseen circumstances, be honest and inform us in time. The proportionate cost of damage will be retrieved when returning. 
We don't rent for a 24-hour-cycle. Our rental timings are from the previous day 8 PM to the next day 8 AM. Any extended time will be counted as a separate day. Kindly let us know in prior so we can plan the new enquiries accordingly. Make sure you return the equipment back in the same condition. 
At any point of the renting experience, if you have any query, we will always available to assist you through phone (+91 9962 688688/ +91 917645 917645) from 6 AM to 11 PM. 
For other terms and conditions,  check the below link